Why IronCAD?

IronCAD enables CAD users to execute changes to designs quickly, solve design problems without delay, and economically deliver designs faster than any other traditional CAD Software available today.

Traditional 3D CAD


Ease Of Use

Can take months to learn.

Can learn in a week.

Overall Speed

Often takes double the time of IronCAD.

Often does the same job in half the time.

Overall Methodology

Slow, conventional approach to 3D design.

Fundamentally more innovative approach.

Feature History

Dependent History, hard to make changes.

Independent History, easy to make changes.


Separate part and assembly files.

Unified design environment. One file.


Basic catalogs, minimal features.

Customizable catalog system.

Positioning / Constraints

Slow constraints and patterning tools.

Patented & award-winning TriBall.

Features That Set Us Apart

Our innovative features truly make IronCAD more productive than traditional CAD. Designed from the ground up to be intuitive and fast, IronCAD is the quickest way to learn 3D design.

Customizable Catalogs

Use our drag and drop catalogs, or customise them yourself, adding in every part, feature, or assembly that is commonly used in your design process.

Award Winning TriBall

One of the most powerful patented CAD tools in the world. Move, copy, pattern, and link features, parts, and assemblies all in a few clicks.

Easy & Powerful Sheet Metal

A whole catalog of drag & drop sheet metal tools so you can design quickly and intuitively, then just one click to unfold your part.

Push & Pull Shapes

Instead of slow 2D profile editing, use our push and pull shape technology to design faster and build custom shapes.

Unified Design Environment

Design one part, or one million parts all in the same file. Design faster and more accurately in context.

Save & Open DXF & DWG

Open DXF files to use in your model, and save them out to send to CNC machines.

History Independence

Forget about history-tree crashes from traditional software. Design without fear of failure.

Flexible Constraint Options

Choose when and where to apply constraints, and save hours upon hours of design time.

Patented Dual Kernel Tech

The only system in the world with dual kernel technology providing better import/export geometry.

Powerful Direct Editing

Easily customize and edit imported models without worrying about how they were made.

Bulk Drawing Creation

Create 100's of drawing views automatically with just a few clicks, from every part in your assembly.

Integrated FEA & CFD

Seamlessly integrated FEA & CFD analysis inside the IronCAD interface. Run a test, then change your model and click re-run in seconds.