Simple, Dynamic, Powerful

IronCAD's 3D modeling software empowers designers to focus on design by giving them an intuitive platform that mirrors how we interact with the physical world. Easily reposition components with the patented TriBall™ visualization tool, resize objects by stretching them with handles, and drag and drop predefined shapes into the design scene for a better, faster design process.

Fluid Design Methodology

A desktop 3D and 2D design program that allows users to choose from parametric, direct, or a combination of both modalities on demand in a single environment. This will enable designers to freely explore design ideas and create models dynamically on screen without having to pre-plan and map out the concept in advance. With IronCAD, engineers can use one tool to manage the entire design process from concept to production.

Unified Design Environment

3D models made in IronCAD only require one file, no matter how complex. Assembly part data is integrated into a file’s unified design environment, rather than linking to external files. Feature, part, and assembly data can be stored in catalogs which can be pre-built to include frequently used parts and assemblies, freeing designers to be more productive and allowing them to extend the use of 3D data throughout the enterprise.

Priced for Designers

IronCAD is priced to be competitive as a full-featured CAD Design software. We like to offer multiple licensing options, so you have flexibility, and this includes permanent licenses. This means if your business changes focus for a while, you'll still have easy access to open and customize any of your CAD models. It's your valuable intellectual property, and we think you should have proper access to it. If you decide some of our new features look good, you still have the option to upgrade your license or skip an upgrade.