Stress Test Models in Minutes

Seamlessly built into IronCAD, MultiPhysics lets you stress test and retest your IronCAD models in a matter of minutes.

Powerful, Integrated Multiphysics

Promptly verify your design for structural integrity with our integrated multiphysics supporting static stress, thermal, fluid, electrical, dynamics, and much more.

Multiple Analysis Types

Engineered for everyone from beginners to advanced CAD users, Multiphysics for IronCAD provides fully coupled multiphysics for stress, thermal, and electrostatic analysis. Add-on Advanced Dynamics, Fluid, Electrical, and Rigid Body Kinematics.

Priced for Designers

Multiphysics for IronCAD design extension add-on is included in IronCAD with a Free Mesh Node Limited version that includes all the functionality. Upgrade at any time for the capabilities you need starting at: