Never Lose Data in Transit

IronCAD's dual ACIS and Parasolid kernels guarantee error-free importing and exporting of native SAT and X_T files as well as common file formats such as IGES, CATIA V4, and STEP. Add on the Native CAD Translator Pack to import native formats.

Simplify Importing and Reuse

Whether you are importing a single part or a thousand+ assembly, importing into IronCAD will be a single file to reduce the complexities of data management.

Smart Reference Import

Many times you may only need to reference the imported data. Using IronCAD's Import Reference, you can minimize the import process and file size to only import reference geometry. Need to edit it later, no problem! Just simply click to import the editable data.

Priced for Designers

IronCAD's Native CAD Translator design extension add-on pack is priced to allow all designers to have powerful translation capabilities from all the major CAD systems. Streamline your design process today by adding on the Translator Pack to IronCAD today!