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About HangOn

HangOn is a world market leader specializing in the manufacture of masks and suspensions for all industrial paint shops. The company originated in Sweden and now HangOn is present all over the world, with distributors in more than 40 countries.

With the continuous development of international business, HangOn ensures that it can meet the needs of its customers. HangOn has grown through continuity of investments and by designing smart solutions. An example of this is the ‘ Fill the line ‘ strategy: how do I fill my coating line as efficiently as possible.


In 2016, a start was made within HangOn with IronCAD. The parent company had long had the intention of introducing a new 3D CAD package. At the time, this became IronCAD. After extensive testing by the parent company in Sweden, the department in the Netherlands has also switched to IronCAD. Willem Aengenend of HangOn explains: “IronCAD has just that little bit more to offer than alternative 3D drawing programs”.


IronCAD is used within HangOn for all solutions that deviate from the standard. From a simple plug or hook, to complete hanging or masking solutions for a completely new project. Willem: “The great thing about IronCAD is that you can visually show and share solutions before they are actually manufactured. So we can literally draw the solution in the product and immediately hang it up in a line concept”.


An advantage of IronCAD is that multiple items can be designed in one scene. “The ability to model multiple products in one scene and combine them into one large assembly allows me to work productively,” says Willem.


HangOn also uses the library capabilities of IronCAD. For example, they have their own built-in libraries and they use Mechanical , the library of pre-built designs for industry standards.

Working with IronCAD sees HangOn as an investment in the future, it turns out to be a very effective 3D software package for them.